How to Apply Nail Box Gel Nails

1. Hygiene

Always start with clean dry hands, cleaning each nail with the wipe we have provided.

2. Size

Select the right size for each of your nails and cuticle shape.

3. Apply

Place the strip close to your cuticle without touching it. Tip If the wrap doesn’t fit your nail you can gently stretch it!

4. Trim

Trim any excess of the strip with scissors or nail clippers.

5. File

File the nail with the strip for a smooth finish.

6. Cure

Using ‘BEAN’ the LED lamp cure the strips for 60 seconds. Cure up to 3 times if needed.

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7. Love

You Nailed It!

8. Remove

Ready for a change? Start by applying cuticle oil to the edges of your nails.

Let the oil do it's magic and soften the adhesive, then gently use the removal tool to lift the sticker from the nail.


Do Not expose the stickers to heat (hot water, flame, air, surfaces or other liquids) this may effect the adhesive or layers of the gel nail stickers.

Always place sticker strips in black sleeve while not in use, to avoid accidental curing.

Always trim stickers to the same length as your natural nail.